Saturday, January 9, 2010

Smoked Haddock

Smoked Haddock
January 9th, 2010

I got some smoked haddock from the fisherman at the farmers market today and decided to make it for dinner.

I left it to defrost when I got home. Around 4 p.m., started preparing it. I put it in a rectangular baking dish, added fresh garlic, ginger, cumin then poured 1/4th cup half and half over it put it in the over for 35 minutes baking 400 degrees. I made sweet potato which I mashed. The vegetable was asparagus which I had purchased from Farmers market in June and frozen it.

Let me tell you I have never been a fish eater nor cooked it much so I thought I should be daring and give it a try specially since I saw everyone circling Jack, the fish vendor at the farmers market. Heavens, am I glad I did, the smokey taste of the haddock mixed with the distinctive taste of asparagus, gentle sweet taste of sweet potato was indeed divine, when I say divine I really mean it because the guest finished it. There was not one spec of it left on the plate.

Maybe, one day I will serve it to you the good reader!!!

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