Thursday, January 14, 2010

Authenitc Food

Today, I checked out a book from the library called 'Bringing Food Home, The Maine Example' by Mary Stetson Hall.

It is quite interesting, talks about all the different food growers in Maine from Elliot Coleman the most famous one to less known ones. It notes Elliot Coleman does not call his produce or anything he grows organic even though it is hundred percent organic and environmentally sound but 'Authentic Food' Elliot believes the criteria set for organic has been too diluted so he prefers to call it 'Authentic Food' he actually eat mostly from his own garden and does not believe in delivering his food for more than 25 miles longer distance! Talk about being local ...

I so agree with Elliot in calling the food grown organically 'Authentic' and I so agree with him the word 'organic' being just diluted. I have never understood how foodies, restaurants can use some organic ingredients, some non-organic, doesn't it defeat the whole purpose of being organic. Are we not being organic because we want to keep away from chemicals that go into our body which are toxic for our body as well as our soil and the rest of the environment?

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