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Yoga and Meditation

The image is a view of the sunrise from the Kismet Inn’s Yoga studio.

Here is what yoga is all about at the Kismet Inn Bed and breakfast in Bath, Maine situated in midcoast Maine close to wonderful beaches such as Popham beach and Reid State Park.
Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Enjoy a Healing Vacation at our Wellness Spa

It is thought that the classic techniques of yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit and means union – the union between the mind and the body or between a person’s own consciousness and the universal, divine consciousness. Whether you believe in a universal, divine consciousness or not, yoga can work wonders for you!

Briefly, yoga can be described as a set of physical exercises that include gentle stretches, breathing practices, and progressive deep relaxation. The benefits of yoga on the body include:
• Increased flexibility and stamina
• Improved balance and coordination
• Strengthened and toned muscles

Women, Partners & Couples: A Yoga Retreat for All

Yoga isn’t all about the body though; the effects on the mind are also integral to the practice of yoga. Yoga improves concentration, and increases alertness and clarity of thought. Finally yoga promotes relaxation and reduces stress, allowing you to feel a profound sense of calmness, peace and tranquility.

Whether at the early or advanced stages of yoga, you can practice here at kismet Inn with a professional yoga trainer in a spacious room dedicated solely to yoga. The room has a large,north-facing window with a view of magnificent trees. Additional windows face east and west. The wooden floor is wide pine that has turned deep honey gold from the sun shinning through the sky lights and the surrounding windows.

Meditation Retreats: An Ideal Healing Weekend

There is a rich heritage of meditation in the yogi tradition. In yogi meditation, one is taken into deeper states of awareness through using the body and breath. In movement (asanas, postures) and through breath practice, the focus on the sensations, the breath and the energy or life force (prana) that is awakened. It is possible to have the energy become stronger while the mind becomes quieter.

So, meditation might be a moving meditation or asana practice, a walking meditation, an eating meditation, breath practices, a body scan, seated meditation using the principles of a breath, relax, feel, watch and allow, could also be practiced. As you see there are many ways to meditate and Susan Lubner, Kismet Inn’s primary yoga & meditation teacher will help you find the one best suited for you.

A Unique Yoga Experience at a Maine Bed & Breakfast

OnGoing Yoga Classes

Basic Kipalu Yoga class:
In which you will be taught practices that will increase your ability to release stress, generate strength and flexibility, strengthen your immune system, quiet and calm your mind and bring balance into your life! In the class, we will work on stretches, postures, breath practice, centering relaxation.

Breath Practice (Pranayam) session
Our way of breathing has a profound effect on the quality of our lives. Regular “breath practice” can improve the functioning of all our physical systems. It can bring calmness, mental clarity and a balance to our emotions. It can lead us into a state of relaxation and can also facilitate meditation. Come learn and/or review basic breath practices that make a real difference yet are so simple!

Partner Yoga Class
Yoga is traditionally an individual practice. Explore doing yoga postures with a partner! By working at stretching, balancing and breathing in unison with one another, we deepen our connection to one another and to our own selves. It is about giving and receiving support and so much about communication and having fun!

The 5 Rite
Learn and practice ancient Tibetan movements that can have a profound effect on the chakras (energy centers) and thus on the body’s aging process! No experience in yoga is required.

Relax & Renew Yoga Sessions
Learn stretches, postures and breath practices which can help calm the mind, increase your ability to relax and to release stress in your body.

“According to current estimates, 75%-90% of visits to primary care practitioners are for problems related to stress.” Institute for Natural Resources, July 2006

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