Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

The Memorial Day Weekend of 2010 is a very special weekend at the Kismet Inn bed and breakfast in Bath, Maine. All five guest rooms are booked by two different families that have been coming to the inn for the past three years. One is Chance family whose daughter is graduating from ‘Hyde School’ an excellent boarding school here in Bath, midcoast, Maine. The other one in Ward Family whose daughter will be graduating from ‘Bowdoin College’ in Brunswick, Maine.

The Chance family will be having dinner on Friday night, seven of them. I plan to start the preparation of the food tomorrow and start cooking early on Friday night. I plan to make a few number of different dishes, serve 5 kinds of cheese from ‘Appleton Creamery’ 2 different kinds of appetizer, 2 kinds of entree, rhubarb pie for desert with gelato from ‘Finasco Gelato’ in Brunswick, Maine.

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