Sunday, April 4, 2010


I am constantly updating the decor at the inn. I am now working on the bedrooms.

Sulhiana which means 'At peace with each other' is a Swahili word which actually originates from Farsi and has traveled through time to Africa. 'Sulh' means peace 'hian' means at the ones in peace, Sulhiana has come to mean at peace with each other in Swahili. The word was suggested by Natasha DellaPeruta one of my very first guests who has become a very good friend of mine. When Natasha emailed me the word I fell in love with it, I loved the meaning, the sound and pronunciation of it so without a moment of hesitation I chose the name for the room that is now called 'Safari' Last year, I decided 'Safari' is a better name for the room that I have the African Savannah land (a piece of true art work done by Mark Donovan) headboard for the bed.... I will give more description of Safari room in a different note.

The room that is now called Suluhiana I called it 'Iron Bed' simply because the bed is iron bed, I hadn't found a name for it. I thought Suluhiana was a much better fit as a name for this room than the other room so I changed the name. Incidentally, Safari is also a Farsi name it means travel which again is another lovely name... it actually means journey and I love that word... journey.

I love the setting in this room, it is simple and elegant. It has the essentials in it, two chairs that were bought at an auction, reupholstered by Mary Stride, a local seamstress, the bed is made locally by Gerry Galuza, a local blacksmith. I designed the bed, he drew a sketch then made the bed. It is really simple and elegant. It has wheels so it is easy to move it ... it is very sturdy. The mattress sits on slabs and wide board, no box spring, I don't believe in them. Today, I bought a white ruffled bed skirt, ironed and put it on the bed. I also got a white duvet for the down comforter with white sheets, moved a heavy long pillow that Mary had made from the bed, instead just put the pillows with the sham on them along with two small pillows that Mary has made. I moved the bedside lamps to another room, put one of the lamps that I have purchased from 'Carew Arts and Antiques' and another one from another bedroom. The bedside tables are simple, one is covered with a linen embroidery which I got at an auction, very simple and really beautiful. The armoire is also moved from one corner to the other.

The room has lovely tall bay windows with a window seat. The view is of the town green, 'Spirit of the Sea' fountain and 'Winter Street Church' both of which are town landmarks. The bathroom floor is off white pebble rock floor with radiant heat, it is great both during summer and winter. During summer it feels lovely and cool during winter lovely and warm, massaging the feet and sending relaxation up the legs, the spine, the shoulders and just ah! this feels good sense. The shower has spray jets and steam with a bench to sit and enjoy the steam.

The room has a great meditative sense specially since there are no t.v.... the inn is generally very quiet. I think of it as sanctuary of silence.

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