Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

This is how Easter Sunday came about at the Kismet Inn Bed and breakfast Spa. When I was at the Bath Farmers Market on Saturday, I saw so many of my friends, one of them was Susan, my yoga teacher. I invited her over for spinach omelet which she accepted. As she was leaving she asked if I would join her for a walk on the beach to which I said, YES right away. On Sunday, yesterday, Easter Sunday of 2010 she called me and asked which beach I would like to go to... Popham or Reid, I chose Popham.

Popham Beach bordering the south side of the mouth of the Kennebec River, Popham Beach State Park is truly one of Maine's rare geologic landforms that features a long stretch of sand beach...5-6 miles. Sunbathers relaxing on Popham's sands can see Fox and Wood islands offshore, and the Kennebec and Morse rivers border each end of the beach. Visitors can walk to Fox Island at low tide, but are warned to pay attention to the rising tides not to get marooned.

I suggested Popham Beach because of its long sand beach. We decided to go there then to 'North Creek Farm' in Phippsburg to have lunch. They make all organic sandwiches, have chickens running around where you can sit and have your sandwich. She is actually an expert in roses, she is Maine's leading rose lady. We got to the beach around 11:30 walked for a while, sat and soaked the sun for a while, chatted for a while, walked again. The beach being close to 6 miles is long enough to always find a corner that is not crowded, it is actually one of the quietest beaches in Maine even during the height of the tourist season in the summer it is quiet. It doesn't have a sense of commercialized beach, it is lovely.

People were all dressed in spring colors, pink, lavender, pistachio green, light blues, white, children were playing in the sand, some driving their trucks, some building castles, some flying kites, young and old lovers were holding hands walking, sitting on rocks, on tree trunks that were on the beach. Some were playing kick ball, badminton, one person was doing Thai Chi, 2 were even surfing, some were in their swim suits sun bathing, it was a colorful, happy site, it brought joy to our hearts and smile to our faces.

We went to 'North Creek Farm' Susan had a Turkey Sandwich, I had Asparagus cream Soup, we both shared a piece of blue berry pie. I highly recommend 'North Creek Farm' for a good sandwich. After the farm we went to Emily Rice's house. Emily is a massage therapist with experience and very good touch. She has a lovely garden, her and Paul, her husband were busy gardening. We got back around 5. We had a wonderful Easter Sunday on Popham Beach. It is a beautiful, quiet place. A place for everyone to come and enjoy.

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