Thursday, April 15, 2010

Marigold Tea

Linda and John have been coming to the Kismet Inn Bed and Breakfast on regular basis for the past three years. Their daughter attends the boarding school called 'Hyde' who will be graduating in May. They come every year for a long weekend in April and October, they arrive on Thursday early evening and leave early morning Sunday. Every Thursday after their arrival they come down to the living room/tearoom area we sit for a good chat, catching up on our lives, families, friends, children and... Linda and I both have deep interest in being mindful to our surroundings so we also share books. She always takes couple of books from the inn's library to read while here. Last time she took a book of 'Hafize's Poems' which she loved because she knew only of Rumi not of Hafiz. Incidentally both are Mary Oliver's most like writers/poets... I love that.

Tonight I have Linda a book written by a friend of mine called 'Elegant Simplicity' which is about how destructive our egos can be. It is an easy read and a lot that one can learn from. The book should be in most bookstores in the U.S., soon. I am actually thinking of setting up a retreat for yoga and discussion of the book as well... what do you think? Would you come if I did?

Anyway, Linda is reading the book now. I made them marigold tea and offered them the raisin, coconut and rice cookies which I had made last week. They enjoyed everything and so did I. It is always a pleasure to have guest like Linda and John with whom we have become like family sharing many, many stories in our lives with each other. They will be back in May for their daughter's graduation, they will spend two night at the inn this time along with their 3 children and Linda's brother. The will also have dinner at the inn which we discussed the menu tonight. I will miss them so.

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