Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

This year Mother's Day Weekend was very special. I had two mothers with their daughters. One was a local from Bath, Maine so they were here only for the day the other one was a mother with her two daughters from Boston. All were great people.

The local ones, had body exfoliation for both the mother and daughter. It was great, they came around 2 p.m. toured the inn followed by a good cup of Kismet Inn's tea on the red chair facing 'Spirit of the Sea' Afterwards, they started the soak in the Deep Japanese Soaking Tub, they filled the tub only a quarter way but because they kept the door closed the bathroom had become really steamy which is the way it should be. It was like being in a steam room.

The tub is a great one, it is custom made with tile based on both Deep Japanese Style soaking tub and Turkish Hamam so it has the good of both worlds. It even has radiant heat so during winter the tub can be filled with water soaked in couple of times in the same day so in a way it is environmentally conscious as well because the tub doesn't need to be emptied if the same person is going to soak again the same day.

Anyway, the mother and daughter soaked for about an hour then I went up and exfoliated/scrubbed each one of them for about 45 minutes. The mother wanted to be exfoliated first so I scrubbed off her dead skin first, neither one of them could believe their eyes to see so much dead skin rolling off in long and fat inches. After each scrub the body was rinsed off outside the tub so they would enter the tub all cleansed. When both were exfoliated and scrubbed, they showered and shampooed their hair to complete the cleansing. I left the bath area, cleaned off, started setting the table.

I prepared the Jewel Rice with lamb for them. Both the rice and the lamb came out very good. It is one the my guests favorite dishes. The aroma is simply intoxicating... cardamom, cinnamon, cumin infused with saffron over slivered pistachio, slivered almonds, julienne carrots, orange peel, barberries, raisins mixed with basmati rice ... brewed, steeped... it is simply divine.

As for lamb I never add water to my lamb/shanks. Right from the start I put it on very low heat, add onion, garlic, spices and let it cook on very low heat for sometime. The aroma starts spreading through room to room, upstairs and every where.

I started them with wine, sheep milk brie and goat milk torte and beets drizzled with olive oil...oh! goodness was it good. This was followed by spicy green leaves mixed with other salad greens both from 'Squire Tarbox Farm' .. a local MOFGA certified organic farm who have the best spicy green and salad greens. The salad dressing was fresh ginger, roasted seeds, fresh lemon, olive oil, just a bit of goat cheese, salt and pepper... every bit of it was finished. The entrees was followed after the salad and for desert I made my famous pear simmered in my strawberry syrup spiced with ginger powder and nutmeg. They enjoyed every bite of each food.

For the other mother and daughters I made the tamarind fish dish served with white basmati rice infused with lots of saffron. It was excellent too they also enjoyed and loved every bite of the food. In fact, they loved it so much that they said, they want to make a tradition of coming to the inn every Mother's Day Weekend.

It is always an honor and exciting to serve such a good people and see them enjoying my cooking.

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